Sunday, July 12, 2015

Live Summer Show and New Videos, Grandbabies!


if you don't give us a call soon.

Our Grandbabies Mara Wilson and Jenny Jaffe have asked us to be a part of their fancy show, Send in the Clowns, coming up on July 21st at 7pm at 

Mara (@MarawritesStuff) and Jenny (@JennyJaffe) know the secret: most comedians love musical theater and would do anything to be in it. Come see comics talk about- and take on!- their favorite roles! Who do you think your Fantasy Grandmas will be playing? Well, we ordered a couple of curly red wigs from the internet, so unless you know your theater history, you'll have to come and see.

Get your tickets HERE!

And if you haven't watched the latest video we made about how all of space is a big cosmic vagina, "Your Grandma's Big Vagina in Space" you should click the picture of a Myrtle within a Myrtle above. Share it on your Facial book wall if you love your Grandmas! 
Myrtle J and Jane B

P.S. We'll have some RAINBOW DIONYSUS JELLO for you at the 54 Below. We know what you theater grandkids like.