Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fantasy Grandma at SketchFest this Thursday!

Hello Grand babies,

I hope you are all doing so well. How's the baby? I wish you'd send me her new school picture, I never got one.

We have a gig this Thursday at 9pm at the SketchFest at the UCB. We'd love for you to see us there. We'll be rapping and selling our new T-shirts and some home made cough syrup. And of course we'll make that congealed salad that you love.

Also, this little magazine named Time Out New York, which I think is a magazine for grand babies who get in trouble and have to have a time out, well, they put a picture of us in there. Here it is.

Please come visit us. We get so lonely.

I love you,
Myrtle J and Jane B

Also, here's a video we made for the sponsor of the festival: Dockers Commercial.