Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bingo is my Thingo! on CBS local five best things to do tonight.

We love CBS, but wish they still had Dan Rather. There was no one we trusted more to give us the facts and be a real straight shooter.

Get your tickets here:

We've got Myrtle back from the hospital so come out and celebrate her good health, and for all you Hazel fans, she'll be back too but we're probably just going to let her hand us the Bingo numbers because when she talks it doesn't ever make any sense.

If you ain't coming, stop thinking about how you're gonna spend the money we leave you cause you ain't gonna get it.

Also, there's a fella at the Silent View selling personal protection if you need something there in the city.

Take care and we'll see you tonight.


Myrtle J and Jane B and our friend Hazel from the library.