Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays from your Grandma

It's this time of year that gets me thinking about how many blessings I have. When I was mall walking yesterday it got me thinking about all the beautiful grandbabies that I love and I love the holiday season where I get to see all of them. I want you to come over to my place for egg nog and ham. We'll catch up and Uncle Herbert with play the banjo and I'll get out the washboard and we'll all have a very merry holiday. And if you can't make it to our place this year, that's ok, just know that we'll be thinking about you.

Happy Holidays from your Fantasy Grandmas,
Myrtle J & Jane B

Here's a video to make you smile:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch our gig this weekend!

We're so excited to be performing at

Catch 48

8pm Saturday 3 December


luciana Achugar !
Fantasy Grandma !
Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith !
the Theater of a Two-Headed Calf !
Marisa Lark Wallin !
Justin Jones !
Chris Yon !

Please come see us.

Also, here's a video we made:

And we have been accepted to Chicago SketchFest. We'll be performing on Jan 13th & 14th at Stage 773. More details to come soon about that.

We love you. I missed you at Thanksgiving. I saved you some leftovers.

Myrtle J & Jane B

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fantasy Grandma at SketchFest this Thursday!

Hello Grand babies,

I hope you are all doing so well. How's the baby? I wish you'd send me her new school picture, I never got one.

We have a gig this Thursday at 9pm at the SketchFest at the UCB. We'd love for you to see us there. We'll be rapping and selling our new T-shirts and some home made cough syrup. And of course we'll make that congealed salad that you love.

Also, this little magazine named Time Out New York, which I think is a magazine for grand babies who get in trouble and have to have a time out, well, they put a picture of us in there. Here it is.

Please come visit us. We get so lonely.

I love you,
Myrtle J and Jane B

Also, here's a video we made for the sponsor of the festival: Dockers Commercial.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fantasy Grandma at Sticky!

Well, grandbabies, we've got a gig coming up this Friday at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Here's the link:

Sticky! at the bowery Poetry Club

I do apologize about our last gig's mix up. This younger church lady who brings her Choir here to the Silent View Home for the Eldery and they sing in the piano room that also has that fancy Jukebox in it while we eat lunch sometimes, well that lady has a show on Sundays that she invited us to and we got real excited about it but then she never answered when we called and then we found out from Herbert, who has one of those walkers that you can also sit on, that she had some really well known musical guest performing (some fancy traveling preacher type) and she decided that Fantasy Grandma would just get in the way, which sometimes we do, because Jane is partially disabled. So we apologize if we got ya all excited but we couldn't help it.

But now we have this gig on Friday that we can't wait to do. You might remember that Sticky was our first gig in New York City and we consider them to be our true home. We'll be premiering some new music, sharing one of our favorite family recipes with you and bringing out our newest instrument, the washboard! And of course, we'll be having white wine spritzers at the bar afterwards with all of you and I'll have some of my homemade cough syrup in my bag that you can take a swig of as well, if you need it.

Please tell all of your friends, except for the ones I don't approve of, to come see us.

I miss you so much.

Myrtle J

PS - When are you gonna get married?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We met the nicest young man...

when we did an audition a couple of weeks ago and he wrote an real nice little ditty about us.

Now, we just don't understand why he keeps asking who we are cause we must have introduced ourselves to him and his friends ten or eleven times but sometimes we all get forgetful. And we suspect he maybe had a spritzer or two as well, cause he was real happy.

And we would like to say this...we are ladies.

Here's a link to his lovely story:

and here it is too on the Huffington Post site:

We have a show this weekend on Sunday but I can't remember where...or when...but I'll ask Jane B and then I'll call you.

Please send me a picture of yourself. You know how much I like to see your growth.

Myrtle J

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Gig with Nerds!

Hello Grandbabies,

We have a gig in February at the Brick theater in Williamsburg performing as the musical guest for the Nerdlesque kids.

Show starts at 11 but come a little early to get a good seat.

Myrtle J & Jane B.