Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dear grandchildren,
Despite multiple requests, we still have not received your Christmas lists. 
It's so stressful trying to get you a gift you'll love when we only see you 
once a year. So we wrote a song about it:

Watch us sing it and you can just shout what you want at your computer 
screen. You can also take a look at the Holiday Shopping Guide video 
But don't you go getting us anything. All we want for Christmas is to 
spend time with you.

​If you really want to do something nice for us, you could like our 
Facial Book, follow us on the Pooter, the Instagramma ansubscribe 
to our Yourtube Channel. We won't be doing any more live shows until 
January, and those seem to be the best ways to keep in touch with you 
in the age of the internet.

Enjoy the holidays and know that you have a room here with us at the 
Silent View Home for the Elderly as long as the paperwork goes through.


Myrtle J & Jane B
Your Fantasy Grandmas

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Shopping on the Lower East Side

Dear Grandbabies, 
We made a video with the Lower East Side Business Improvement District for the Holidays, because we're on a fixed income and have to do commercials to get by. Let this be both a lesson to save early and often and a fun guide to your holiday shopping. You can watch the video here: 


Myrtle J and Jane B
Your Fantasy Grandmas