Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello Grandbabies! Here is a list of what your grandmas want from you for Christmas, in order of preference:

phone call
a card

One way you can get us what we want is to come to our Bingo is my Thingo Holiday Spectacular.
It's not only a great way to spend time with your grandmas, you can win things too!
Bingo is my Thingo wil be this Monday, December 17th from 6-10. Wear your Holiday Finery and bring a covered dish made from at least one canned ingredient to receive $3 off admission.

You are the light of our lives.


Your Fantasy Grandmas

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bingo is my Thingo! on CBS local five best things to do tonight.

We love CBS, but wish they still had Dan Rather. There was no one we trusted more to give us the facts and be a real straight shooter.

Get your tickets here:

We've got Myrtle back from the hospital so come out and celebrate her good health, and for all you Hazel fans, she'll be back too but we're probably just going to let her hand us the Bingo numbers because when she talks it doesn't ever make any sense.

If you ain't coming, stop thinking about how you're gonna spend the money we leave you cause you ain't gonna get it.

Also, there's a fella at the Silent View selling personal protection if you need something there in the city.

Take care and we'll see you tonight.


Myrtle J and Jane B and our friend Hazel from the library.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bingo is my THINGO!

Dear Grandbabies, We are very excited to announce the first two dates of what we hope will be a monthly way for us to keep in touch and supplement our fixed incomes by winning at our favorite game, BINGO. It is our THINGO. It will be on Wednesday May 9th and Wednesday June 13th.

Every since Myrtle J tried unsuccessfully to oust Agnes, who calls Bingo at the Silent View on Monday nights, from her position as Bingo Queen, and Jane got involved because she's nosy and likes a fight, we have been looking to have our very own Bingo night. Now we have it, because our sweet grandbaby Jeffy got us into the PIT, which is where Satan lives, and we are some old lady hellians and if you come to our BINGO night you can win great prizes and have a great time with your grandmas who love you so much and want you to succeed so badly.

That's all...we love you. We made a flyer. We want you to win.

See you on Wednesday, May 9th. We will bring Jellos and chicken and there will be white wine spritzers for all of us to enjoy.

You know we chose Wednesday because it has always been a day of fellowship. Admission is 8 dollars and includes a free BINGO card. Bring a covered dish and receive another BINGO card for free.
Here is where you buy those tickets:

-Myrtle J and Jane B

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We're headed to Chicago!

Hello Grandbabies,

We're packing up our keyboard and our cough syrup and our warmest windsuits and hitting the road to head to Chicago to be a part of Chicago SketchFest!

We've got a crazy weekend planned full of sketching, white wine spritzers, cabaret and seeing a giant bean.

Here's our schedule:

7AM: Land in Chicago
10AM: Visit giant Bean
8PM: SketchFest Performance #1, Stage 773, (get tickets)
11PM: Kiss Kiss Cabaret Performance, The Greenhouse Theater (get tickets)

3PM: The Paper Machete Performance, The Horseshoe, (it's free)
5PM: Nap
8PM: SketchFest Performance #2, Stage 773, (get tickets)

We hope to see you at one or all of our gigs. We'll have our hard candies and plenty of tissues on hand.

We can't wait to hug your neck.

We love you so very much.

Your Grandmas,
Myrtle J & Jane B

Also, here's a video of us doing some bad things that we do not endorse.