Friday, January 19, 2024

How To Connect Database With PHP | Cool Interface Software | Tutorial 2

Welcome to my 2nd tutorial of PHP and MYSQL. In the previous video I've discussed How to download and install a server PHP and also How to create databases and How to create tables in the databases in the form of rows and columns.

In this video I've discussed multiple ways to connect database with PHP such as by using variables etc. First of all you have need to install a cool interface software for coding. I suggested you to download any one of them such as Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Sublime Text Editor and Atom etc. I'm using sublime text editor in this series of tutorial.

Syntax of PHP


//type here the code


How to save the PHP file

You should save your PHP file in the root directory of the server. In XAMPP the "htdocs" is the root directory of the server. In WAMPP "www" is the root directory. Now how to save the file?

Step 1:

Press CTRL + S button to safe the file.

Step 2:

Go to the server location where it has been installed. By default it is installed in Local Disk C. Got C drive.

Step 3:

Go to XAMPP directory.

Step 4:

Go to htdocs diretory.

Step 5:

Save a file there with extension ".php". You can create a different folders for different projects in htdocs directory. So first create the folder in htdocs and then save your files in the folder.

How to Run PHP Script

Step 1:

Open a XAMPP control panel and start Apache and Mysql services.

Step 2:

Open your web browser.

Step 3:

Type localhost/yourFolderName/yourFileName.php and hit enter. For example: localhost/myFolder/index.php.

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