Saturday, May 27, 2023

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After 7 years of Contagio existence, Google Safe Browsing services notified Mediafire (hoster of Contagio and Contagiominidump files) that "harmful" content is hosted on my Mediafire account.

It is harmful only if you harm your own pc and but not suitable for distribution or infecting unsuspecting users but I have not been able to resolve this with Google and Mediafire.

Mediafire suspended public access to Contagio account.

The file hosting will be moved.

If you need any files now, email me the posted Mediafire links (address in profile) and I will pull out the files and share via other methods.

P.S. I have not been able to resolve "yet" because it just happened today, not because they refuse to help.  I don't want to affect Mediafire safety reputation and most likely will have to move out this time.

The main challenge is not to find hosting, it is not difficult and I can pay for it, but the effort move all files and fix the existing links on the Blogpost, and there are many. I planned to move out long time ago but did not have time for it. If anyone can suggest how to change all Blogspot links in bulk, I will be happy.

P.P.S. Feb. 24 - The files will be moved to a Dropbox Business account and shared from there (Dropbox team confirmed they can host it )  

The transition will take some time, so email me links to what you need. 

Thank you all
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