Friday, June 20, 2014

Exciting News that we pray will entice you to visit us

Hello beautiful grandbabies.

We've got the best news we've had for you since your Aunt Mater got through her knee replacement surgery without a hitch...

We have a gig coming up at Union Hall on July 31st. We'll be opening up for our grandbaby, Cynthia Hopkins. She's a very talented and beautiful songwriter, musician and actress and she always remembers to send us a card at Christmastime which you know we really appreciate.

We also have some new videos up on our Your Tube channel from our Vegas Style Bingo night with Valiant Pictures.

Here's one about apples and men:

But we'd love for you to watch all of them and to subscribe to our channel as well. The grandbabies keep saying we should go viral but we've explained over and over again that we both got our flu shots already for this season. No one ever listens to us.

We love you so much and believe in everything that you do and we are always praying for you. I put you on our church prayer train that you would get that promotion and also about Evelyn's fertility issues which I haven't told anyone about, I promise.

Your grandmas,
Myrtle J & Jane B