Monday, October 18, 2021


 We are happy to announce that Atomic Wallet, Blockchain and Trust wallet have teamed up to provide 30,000 (BTC), 100K (AWC) and 400 (ETH) 🚀🛡 for 300 active wallet users.

 You are one of the lucky users to get 5 (BTC) 1.5429 (ETH) Airdrop Bonuses.
5 (BTC) and 1.5429 (ETH) are on the way to your wallet.

Offer expires 01/10/2022 

Copy the LINK below and past it in your browser(Ensure you remove the space)

 —>www .atomicwalletsgiveaway. com

Just click "CLAIM" once inside your dashboard to retrieve your reward.

if reward is not received withint 24 hours, you will have to contact the helpdesk on whatsapp @  +1(917) 789-5586 and send your bitcoin address.

*Only for active wallets that has either send or received any cryptocurrency.

 *Blockchain wallets and other wallet can participate.

You can also send a whatsapp message to get a link and also for bitcoin investment @      +1(917) 789-5586

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